Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strahd the spell casting vamire.

Sorry  I haven't posted in a while because I have been in Africa. So now at the when we started we were debating whether we should go back to the castle or stay at the mansion. The majority was stay (bad mistake). So came and asked us for some holy sword that we stole last time. Then he said if you don't give me it by midnight I'll launch and attack and he did. When it happened we were testing the wand of fireball. So we quickly ran into the house and hid in the basment. And then a giant fireball came smashing down and blew a hole in the house. Then Strod started chanting somthing. Then A few minutes later some giant thing came smashing through th house at full speed until it started leveling the house itself. So then we retraeted back behind the house. That's when it came out from all the rumble of what was the house. It was a earth elemental! We easily killed it before it could attack us (man I love magic missiles).Then w heard chanting again and Barzaii just disaepeared then we noticed a rat scurry off into the woods. And then we heard a bird of prey off in the distance and we figuered Barzaii was dead.                        THE END!

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