Friday, December 14, 2012


I am going to tell you about my experience at GEN-CON last year. It was pretty epic there were all different kinds of geeks there like all kinds of geeks like every kind of geek there is. There were people who dressed up in costumes and just walked around and let people take pictures of them. There were Link costumes, there was a predator, drow, superheros, D&D adventurers,  like everything.

I really loved it because the Wizards of the Coast were doing a drow event thing in D&D but so the
Wizards of the Coast's booth was totally drow/D&D themed.  Here let me show you:
This is a picture of Lolth the god of the drow

This is a picture of Drizzt Do' Urden
and his magical cat
This is a picture of some people dressed up like drow

I really liked GEN-CON last year there is another thing I want to tell you about there was this game called battle tech. There are these giant boxes with sliding doors and inside there is a few screens a bunch of buttons a joy stick with some buttons on it and a throttle. So the game is were you can pick a mech a giant robot and you go and get in one of those boxes and control you're mech. And there's other people playing in other boxes and you're all fighting each others mechs.

 So they game randomly generates a battlefield and each and every person's mech spawns inside the battlefield  and starts fighting. So there are tons of controls to make you're mech do things that I do not know how to do. But like there is a screen over here witch shows you how injured your mech is there is a one were it shows you how many other mechs you have killed like it is just amazing.

Here I will show you some pictures of the game:

picture of the inside of the boxes with all the controls
there's a different variety of mechs this one
is big and tough but slow and not as many

this one is small fast and a lot of weapons but very weak when

So Gen-Con was amazing like AMAZING there were so many things to do some of our friends from our D&D group play tested fifth edition D&D there and spent most of there time doing drow related stuff at GEN-CON. Like if you did a bunch of different activities on a list they give out at the Wizards of the Coast booth they would give you these special dice that are drow decorated:

Meanwhile while they were doing that we as in me my dad and a few other people from the D&D group were playing tons of Hero-Clix. I mean I would have liked to do the drow thing but I can't complain the mech thing the Hero-Clix even just walking around looking at peoples costumes was tons of fun.

I also really liked the dealer room the place where you buy everything because there were so many things to buy. Like real sharp swords or ninja weapons then wooden versions of them and then foam versions of that. All kinds of funny T-shirts, miniatures and cards from a variety of games, books tons of books, Paintings, boardgames, video games, like everything geek.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hero-Clix is like chess with super powers. It can get pretty complicated like there is about a Hero-Clic made for almost every superhero/super villain ever thought of, like all of them. The game also has a lot of different superpowers like giant lists of superpowers. And a bunch of clics have custom powers. And a lot of clics have been made several times like superman has been made tons of times.

We as in me my dad and some other gamers from the D&D group played tons of Hero-Clix at GEN-CON last year. And Hero-Clix have been going through like their golden age lately so that is another game I recommend like SKYRIM, Dungeon Command, Magic the Gathering, and now Hero-Clix.

It is also my first fun geek game I ever played besides D&D of course. Another thing about Hero-Clix is that each different clic has points so you can play like a 3 hundred point game or a 4hundred point game so on, so on. If you want some quick teams you can get a fast forces pack or a starter pack. Each have clics with easy to work with points like 75, 125, 150, 50 so on, so on. Regular packs come with random figures that can sometimes be really tricky to make teams out of. Fast forces/starter packs makes it easy to make quick teams. Also starter packs come with rule books figures and maps fast forces come with figures and maps but no rule books.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dungeon Command

I really got into this game called Dungeon Command at GEN-CON last year and it is a mix of Magic the Gathering and D&D minis. At first during the convention my dad had 0 percent interest in it at all. Me on the other hand as soon as I saw it had drow I was like like I have to get it and soon it is the best game ever. So I got it and my dad said "ok let's try it out" and we played it and now we love it.

So far they have only come out with four sets I think we have the first three. And it is has a lot of strategy to it like Magic the Gathering but it is has mini figures. So there is Sting of Lolth, (Lolth is the god of the drow so that's the drow set) Heart of Cormyr, Tyranny of Goblins, and Curse of Undeath.

So me and my dad really like it so that's another one to play at GEN-CON next year. Here are some pictures of the different sets.

Sting of Lolth

Heart of Cormyr

Tyranny of Goblins

Curse of Undeath

It is a fun game if you like Magic the Gathering or D&D minis then you should like this.

Legend of Drizzt

Hey I am going to tell you about a really good book series called The Legend of Drizzt. It takes place in the forgotten realms in a place called Faerun I think that's how you spell it. But the main character is a drow ranger and he's not evil like the rest of his family but neither is his dad. And he grows up in the evil drow city of Menzoberranzan and his dad is also the best weapon master in all of Menzoberranzan. So he gets extremely good at fighting with these dual scimitars and then since he's been practicing with his dad and his dad is good. When he does go out and explore Menzoberranzan he's shocked what he sees and then he. Suggests to leave the city and go somewhere else with his dad but his dad disagreed and said "They will just follow us anywhere we go".
But Drizzt's evil mother figures out and kills Drizzt's dad then Drizzt flees the city and tries to escape. But mean while Drizzt's mother makes Zaknafien Drizzt's dad into a spirit wraith to hunt Drizzt down.

This is a really good series it's author is done by R.A. Salvatore. Now here are some pictures of the Drizzt books:

From top to bottom in chronological order but Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, and The Halfling's gem came out first.

Well that's it for you, but there are other books about Drizzt just not in the same series as this one like after Drizzt's friends die he's still alive because he's a drow and he lives for about 8 centuries. It really is a good series so far I am still on Legacy though.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Ok I am sorry I have not been making paragraphs at all but if you've seen my last post about SKYRIM  the funnest game ever! Well back to the point if you've seen my last post SKYRIM then you've seen that it had paragraphs in it so now I am going try to put paragraphs in all my posts! Yay!

The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM

I absolutely love this game called SKYRIM it is a giant free roaming, sandbox, RPG, viking like, fantasy, game. It's setup in a huge world with a civil war raging and dragons have just now returned to SKYRIM.  Here are some pictures of SKYRIM:

This is a video of SKYRIM.

It really truly is an amazing game the fifth picture down is a little bit of the map inside the game. The fourth picture down is a picture of you fighting a dragon. The bottom one is of the city Markarth.

The story is where there is a civil war going on and there is a rebellion and and an empire the empire are the Imperials the rebellion is the stormcloaks. And you are caught in an Imperial trap trying to cross the border of SKYRIM and they caught some Stormcloaks but they also caught you. You're headed to the block and is about to be executed when a dragon attacks Helgen.  (Helgen's the place you were brought to die) Then you can escape with either one of the Imperials or one of the Stormcloaks and you get some weapons along the way out.

 After that you are free to go anywhere like you don't have to do any thing to get to the next level because there are no levels you can just do whatever you want. Later on you figure out you are a Dragonborn and apparently the only one in a few centuries to. Once that happens you are destined to put an end to the dragons in SKYRIM. The graphics are amazing there's a whole variety of races and classes to become. So if you are planning on getting SKYRIM get it I think you can get it for PC, Xbox360, or Play Station 3. Oh and it is a lot like D&D in some parts.

Magic the Gathering

I have discovered the awesomeness that is Magic the Gathering. It is totally amazing the strategy, the combos, I love it I will show you one of the combos in my favorite deck. Like there is a card called Ajani's Pridemate and a card called Soul Warden. The Soul Warden's power is that whenever another creature enters the battle field you gain one life. The Ajani's Pridemate's power is that whenever you gain life you may put a 1/1 counter on Ajani's Pridemate so sometimes you end up with a 20/20 creature. Another good card is called Celestial Mantle (it's an enchantment) and you play it on a creature whenever that creature deals damage to a player you double your life total. Put that on the Ajani's Pridemate and I end some games with like 120 life. And almost all the other cards have to do with gaining life. If you really want to see it checkout the campaign in one of the digital magic games and just look at the Celestial Light deck.

These are all picture's of Ajani Goldmane his planeswalker cards usually have to do with gaining life. A lot of the other cards named after him such as: Ajani's Sunstriker, Ajani's Pridemate, Ajani's Mantra, all gain life first one has lifelink (lifelink is were whenever a creature attacks you gain life equal to it's power), second one whenever you gain life put a 1/1 counter on it, third one at the beginning of your upkeep gain one life. I really like the whole life gaining strategy. Agro decks I also like, and green decks are pretty cool they are almost nothing but creatures. So that's it but I hope to start playing magic at GEN-CON next year. Oh, ya I forgot to tell you I went to GEN-CON last year one of the the biggest geek conventions ever!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Some more things to catch up on

Hello there is some more things to catch up on like I play as a fighter called Mustafa the Lion who comes from the Arabian deserts to explore the Black City. The Black City takes place in viking times and is on an island in the north. Where these aliens made a society and lived there and had all these crazy experiments. But then they all just died. Later vikings found it and made a town called Trade Town and vikings from all around come to explore the Black City.

Mustafa is also a front line fighter. (I got the idea from the movie the thirteenth warrior) He uses dual scimitars one in each hand, he does not get two attacks, though, but each round using his other scimitar he can put one extra point to armor class, damage, or to hit. We are all level one characters again so no fireballs or 50 hit point fighters any more. We are also playing with a new set of rules called Lamentations of the Flame Princess which means no paladins, no rangers, no assassins, just the regular classic D&D classes. Such as elfs, dwarfs, halfings, thiefs, clerics, magic users, and fighters. So now back to the black city we just finished our 16th game session and Mustafa is level 3.

So inside the dungeon there are these gems that open doors and those doors have flashing lights on them and those gems have to match the color of the flashing lights on these doors. There is also an order these gems go in, see there are orange gems, then yellow gems, then red gems so on so on. But what I mean is is that first you find orange gems and they are on the first level so they open orange doors that are on the first level. Then you find yellow gems that are on the second level and they open yellow doors that are on the second level so on, so on. Then red, then green, then Indigo, then violet, then that's all we know so far. Another thing about them is that if I use a red gem to open an orange door that will work to. So the highest color gem we have gotten yet is an indigo gem but we sold it for a magic scimitar for me. It was around 6,000 GP.

Another thing to know is that when I say level I don't mean like another level down I mean like another transit tunnel. See the aliens had these transit tunnels running through the first level and we kinda call them mini dungeons. Like there is the Well of Woe dungeon we call it that because the Jarl Bergfinn set up an outpost near a hole in the ground that leads to the dungeon. And their guards help people in and out of the dungeon so they called it the Well of Woe. So that area of the dungeon is the Well of Woe dungeon and there is also the mist dungeon the adamantite dungeon and the ice cave dungeon.

Then there is the surface ruins that we have explored a little bit but not as much as the under ground dungeons. We also know that underneath the transit tunnels there is this huge cavern full of giant bugs and mushroom forests. Once we were exploring up on the surface and we found this tower with all these mechanics and we went up the stairs and a portal opened so we went through it and we were on a platform in outer space and there was Odin standing right there and talking to us. (In case any of  you don't know Odin is the god of the viking gods or in other words the Norse gods) The two clerics immediately started bowing and worshiping them while the rest of us started looking and we were looking down at earth or in other words Midgard. So we kinda made friends with him and he told us to put these fuse crystals in this one area to get it working again. (By the way fuse crystals are these crystals that generate power if you put them in these little boxes in the walls that make the black city running again and make Odin more powerful)

So he gave us nine days to finish the task and on our way there were these rooms that we found that had these glass windows overlooking what look like magic circles on the ground  and right underneath the glass was these crystals in the pockets in the wall. So we took the left one out and the magic circle shifted a little bit and we saw the outline of a huge beast down by the magic circle. ( It was obviously invisible).  Then we saw these huge scratches on the thick glass so we put the left one back and ran. So we did the job for Odin and went back to talk with him he said that what we did helped him a lot  so we talked to him and he gave us two more jobs. But he said when you are exploring these parts of the transit tunnels  make sure you don't release Loki. And made an image of the magic circle that we were at and said don't pickup one of these crystals. Then he said I am afraid he would immediately dig down to the caverns below where true horrors sleep, and wake them up. We were like oh, god this can't be good and we told him that we did release Loki but he just said no you did not release Loki you released the thing who walks behind. So we named it "Daddy's Roommate" he also said that it is probably tracking you right now. So we asked him if he could send creatures into outer space he said only if it is in this tower so we asked if you said it would follow us do you think it would follow us here in this tower and then you saw a smile starting to spread on Odin's face.

So when we heard something running up the stairs we knew it was coming. Near the top of the stairs we saw huge chunks of stone being ripped off of the stairs. Then we saw a swirling vortex around it and for a few seconds we saw a glimpse of it. It was very ape like only scaly and it had spikes running down it's back and then it was gone, sent to the void by odin, and we got the XP from it. We went back to town and got a bunch of experience and Mustafa leveled up to level 3. For more information checkout my dad's blog called Dreams of the Litch House.