Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to The Zombie Caverns of Death! Part 2

Time for the next grown up game report. So we decided to just leave the zombie dwarf buddha alone. Then we went to the altar in the mane room to give it one last check before we're out of there. And guess what! WE FOUND A SECRET DOOR! Inside there was a room, though in each corner there was a large fountain, and a door on the north wall. ON THE OTHER SIDE THERE WAS A GIANT CAVERN IT WAS SO BIG IT COULDN'T FIT ON THE GRAPH PAPER! SO WE DECIDED TO NOT USE UP THIRTY GRAPH PAPERS, AND NOT EVEN WRITE IT DOWN! It was giant so we started to explore. We heard the sound of running water, and saw that instead of stone on the ground it was sand and it went in all directions as far as we could see. So we first went to the east and we found a tower like a metal crane tower, a large tower (that was on the beach), and we found water not too far off. And then we remembered the carvings on the walls of the main temple that we saw earlier, that showed a dwarf on the moon, and dwarfs using cranes and bulldozers and things like that. Sorry I have to get off the computer now so there will be a part three!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The zombie dwarf / zombie Buddha, Part 1

Time for another grown up game report. So because of all the smoke from the burning zombies, we heard some banging down near the entrance to the dungeon. We were camping up the canyon. So of course my guy Grumble went down there to investigate. And guess what there was a stone giant! It was looking for the entrance (to the dungeon) but he just couldn't find it, and then he started to get mad and throw boulders at it (because he couldn't find the entrance).  It was still hidden by magic but we could see it. So my guy went back and told everybody, we decided to leave him alone and stay hidden. The next morning we went back in (the entrance). Inside it was smelly but we could stand it, we went to the last door, the door all the purple mist was coming from. Inside it was creepy because there was a magic circle, and inside a naked beardless zombie dwarf buddha! Though in the middle (of a fire pit) there were some coals, that were glowing purple and all the purple mist was coming out of the coals. The creepy thing was that once every few minutes the zombie dwarf buddha would breathe!      DAUNT DAUNT DUN! TO BE CONTINUED!   the END!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The awesomest day in Soap's history

One day Soap was the leader of an orc tribe. This took place in the kid's game a while ago. So we were walking down the hall in Stonehell Dungeon when we stumbled into an orc group. Of course Soap (loving the art of orcs) charmed their leader and told him that Soap was his cousin good friend and these are my companions. So they brought us through corridor after corrider, until we came to a room that had a portcillis on one side and walls on the others. On the other side there were a bunch of kobolds getting picked on by a giant shrew, so Soap said "why not open the portcillis so we could smash both the shrew and kobolds?" Since orcs are such poo brains they said "you're a genius Soap!"  Plus Soap speaks orc. Two hours later, we ran into a room with some stirges ("Man these things come up in every game. It's like they're following us.) In the stirge room, Soap just cast sleep on them. And then out of the clear blue the orcs started to say some thing like this: "ARE YOU GOD OR SOME THING WHAT WAS THAT! ALL HAIL SOAP, ALL HAIL SOAP!"  And the orcs totally love him.       So thats Soap's favorite moment in his history. SO FAR...

Here is a funny Lord of the Rings picture

WHOO! HOO! ROCK ON (says Soap)!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The zombie burning funeral part 2

Time for the grown up game report part 2. So after Grumble my awesome halfling destroyed the statues, all the adult players started hitting the floor and crying complaining.  Grumble started laughing, he was saying something like this: "HAHAHAHA! LOOK AT FAT COBRA (one of our dwarfs), HE HAS -5 ARMOR CLASS! AND LOOK AT ZEKE (one of our fighters), HE'S EVEN WORSE HE NOW HAS 3 STRENGTH! So even though we had a bunch of cursed uesless guys we had one awesome halfling - behold The one and only Grumble The Smug! We carried on and went back through all the places to check the door that the zombies were previously banging on. Though there was a bit of trouble getting up the well, where the flaming slug was - because of all that golden zombie plate mail.  So we simply cast a floating disk. Here was the problem the MU had to climb the rope so the disc followed him, and the fighters on the floating disk  had to keep on catching him. Then we went to check on the zombie door to see if they were still banging. Guess what, there was a total of 0 zombies on the other side! We went in and started making piles, and piles of the bodies, then dumped tons of oil on them, and simply burned them all. OF COURSE IF SOAP (MY EVIL GUY FROM THE OTHER GAME) WAS THERE HE WOULD TREAT IT LIKE A HUMAN SACRIFICE!                  THE END!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Critting Halfling Part 1

Time for the grown up game report. Even though we were stuck in the tomb we did have some chioces. So we started out with opening the sarcophagus expecting a fight. Inside there was no fight but there was the one and only Marune  and he had a crown, magic armor, a magic ring, and a giant magic maul but he was really strong cause he had a two handed maul and a magic shield. And we armed ourselves and tried to sleep to get spells back and then carried on. We burst the doors open and started attacking the statues that were trying to keep us locked in. Though there was one giant problem all the magic things we got were not magic they were all cursed very badly. Like the ring made Zeke (one of our fighters) go from 15 strength to 3 strength so he's just a bow and arrow guy for the rest of his life. And the henchman Shy of Lubb (we named him that because he's such a "shlubb") the shield was minus two to his armor class and some other curses wich totally sucked like minus five plate mail for Cobra the dwarf. The only thing that was not cursed was the giant maul, and the crown. So since the fighters were horrible they gave their +2 mace to my halfling Grumble. And guess what my halfling did he kept on rolling 18's 19's and 20's while the fighters were rolling 3's and other low numbers. So they started to call me Grumble the Barbarian! How freakin awesome is that, the fighters were missing like crazy, while my halfling practically took on a 7 foot statue on his own! GRRRR.       THE END!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In the tomb part 2

Time for the grown up game report. So after we made it across the void we looked all around but the only thing we found was a passage way leading down into a room. The room had these two 7 foot tall dwarfen statues and then there was a door with a bar on it. So we simply just lifted the bar up and walked through the door. This room had 12 sarcophagi and another one in the center that had a small lock though easy enough for a baby to open. Right behind it was another statue. Though the first thing we did was this - there were these two boxes, one said forbidden on it, the other well I forget, so we opened them, and in the first one was wizard scrolls and tons of them - we got 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 level spells I mean like lightning bolt, magic jar, and tons others. In the other box was cleric spells but they only went up to level 6. Then the next thing we did was we opened the sarcophagi.  In them were zombie dwarfs with golden plate male but they also had two golden  axes in each hand so they weren't zombies they were more agile,  of course - we found that out later DUNT DUNT DAUN... What we did was we looted them and threw the bodies down the trench emptying out all but the one in the middle which in fact we didn't even open that one at all. Though when we were done with the looting our attention was set on the sarcophagus in the center of the room. We thought that if we opened it the statue would come to life and hammer the guy opening the lock so we webbed the statue's arms and started to get to the lock. And sure enough not only did the statue come to life but all the zombies magically appeared back where they started -well at least we got rid of the armor and axes cause even with there fists they were doing 8 hit points of damage. I mean Raggy (the creator of this module) is really mean to players. The first thing the CLERIC did was he tried to do dispel evil (from a scroll) on the undead since we learned (the hard way) that turn undead did not work on them and that also didn't work either but it did on the statue. And the MU just paralyzed all the zombies with his wand. And thats where we are going to stop.                 THE END!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Here is a picture

In this they are saying "WE SUCK, GET OUT!"
I made this picture watching the grown up game (a long time before my dad Beedo even made his blog, and also before I joined the grown up group and was just listening) when they found a pit with ghouls in it, though it had a cave in the side. So they nocked some arrows to the bows and shot the ghouls. But they were puzzled about why the ghouls didn't go inside the cave. But a couple of the guys went in the cave anyway like dummies and guess what horrible thing happened to them this time! All this green slime came pouring down on them! They learned their lesson, now didn't they?  And that is Soap up there in the corner laughing at them HAHAHA.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Across the void part 1

Well, time for the grown up game report. So after they hauled me up the the rope and found me burning we thought of an idea to defeat the giant fire breathing slug. We cast light on a penny and dropped it down the well and it worked we managed to light up the room so we went down and hacked it to death. Then that revealed a very long passage way over hundreds of feet so on the graph paper we made a squiggle on the passage way and  pretended that was the four hundred feet we had to walk. Then all of a sudden we walked out into a large cavern who knows how long or wide it was cause we were now running on the little penny lgiht we used to blind the giant slug.  All we know is that this place went off in at least one thousand feet in all directions so after that we went futher and noticed that there were bats and moss and giant insects on the walls that were leaping or flying around the large cavern.  Then we also noticed that there was an extremely large trench that had a bridge, though me in the real world could see behind the DM screen, I did not mean to do this - or did I - well I saw a picture of all these people on the bridge and they were looking up at a large winged creature with black scales. So the other players started to call me the hobbit seeing things he was't supposed to. Ok now back to the game so we went down the bridge and found I was right, a large serpent with wings with all the other details I told you about attacked us and sadly it won initiative so it let out a burst of sonic sound and most of us started to drop to our knees in dizziness on a thin but long bridge but eventually we killed it and made it to the other side. TO BE CONTINUED! DUNT DUNT DAUN!