Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here is a funny Lord of the Rings picture

 And here is a funny Lord of the Rings picture.

Monday, February 21, 2011

my favorite part of Lord of The Rings

Looks like the spider is going to have food tonight!!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!

Here are is an awesome Lord of the Rings scene that I really like...

Zombies all over again

So after we defeated the five dwarf zombies we thought it would be a good idea to spike the door leading out to the outside world open, and spike the door that we are going to go through shut so that all the purple mist would go outside of the tomb and there would be a spiked door between our area and the room with all the "dead" bodies. We went down the hallway and found a library.  In the library we spent a lot of time there reading books and we actually got a bunch of  knowledge. Like we figured out that three out of five of the great banes of power were hidden here. So after that we went back to check on the door that was spiked shut and extremely bad news for us we heard hundreds of zombie fists banging on the door so we learned a lesson don't ever play a Raggy's adventure again cause not only are we trapped in a dungeon by zombies but we have already accidentally unleashed ten thousand zombies three thousand ghouls and an ancient vampire all in one adventure and we are only level 3. But of course my guy was thinking woo hoo! When I'm forty years old I shall think back on this day my first zombie apocalypsc at age nine years old i'm living the good life! So we went back down and found these rooms that had all these rune carvings on the walls.  The weird thing is that they all had layers and layers of them built on top of them and all of them talked about Marune a great dwarfen king but in the middle of the room there was a pedestal of water and in the water there was a lot of gems and coins.  But we thought it was a trap so we let it be for now and went to the next room where the lantern did not light up part of the room cause there was a large black gooey oozy shape shifter.  It looked more like a twelve foot high clump of black goo more then anything and it attacked by shooting ten of these little slivers of black goo and it chucked chunks of it at us that would just dissolve whatever it touches.  Magic items would hurt it one round then the next it would be regular weapons that worked so eventually we killed it and in the next room they found a deep well and sent me down it on a rope with a lantern.  At the bottom of the well I found a fire breathing slug in a cave and so I was set on fire and I cannot believe they did not have the spell levitate cause the rope almost caught on fire too but they pulled me up and I didn't die.  So we stopped about right there the only thing we did was read some more books etcetera etc etc    THE END!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Grown up game (which I got to be in!)

So you might have heard that I was going to make a character in the grown up game so his name is Grumble the Smug it was the best name I could think of and he is a halfling. So we found a map to a tomb though we found out that the boulder in front of us was the doorway to the tomb cause the guys who got this quest (from a witch) and only them could see the door so we stepped into it and we found another doorway and this time we all could see it but there was a bunch of purple mist seeping through the crack of the door and there was a symbol on it and we discovered that it was the symbol of a dwarfen demon so they made me check the purple mist because I was a halfling and it was not poisoned. So we all stepped inside and we found all these dead dwarfs under the purple mist and they all had robes on and some of them even had their beards shaved which was really freaky and they all looked like they were run through with spears and swords.  Then we found humans under the purple mist who looked like they had choked on something and then we saw an altar and we knew that the symbol on the door was the evil demon of the dwarfs, but on the walls were pictures of all these humanoids that were feasting with dwarfs and other pictures were of the dwarfs forging these five great banes of power to make sure war would never come.  Though we were going to find a hammer for a witch to destroy the elves, we decided to bail on the witch and not do her quest so we went down the hall way out the other side and found this room that had all the dwarf shavings in it and we started to go further but my guy heard a door close so we went back to it and there were five dwarf zombies out of hundreds of zombie dwarfs so we thought oh crap we should have burnt those bodies so we defeated the five of them and stopped right there!                    


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well you all might have read my dads blog called DREAMS IN THE LICH HOUSE BLOG  which has 60 followers including me! I just want to get all of you to check it out and you also probably must have seen Beedo (which is my dad) on my followers list so thats all and sorry that I have not made any posts cause I've been sick the last couple of days so thats all peoples!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soap's Day Saturday! Part 2!

Again my mom said I have to get off. So after the cute little baboons came in  ferocious primates (with  rocks) came bursting in well they hated the people that made the noise so one of them hurled a rock at me and did nine hit points though sadly Soap only had eight so he was at negative one so a guy did healing on him and only gave him one hit point so at least he was alive. Though the others had ducked and started laughing at him but we killed them and started to keep on hunting the priests of Zargon (which worshipped a demon named Zargon) so we did so. And eventually stumbled upon a room that had an altar in it and right as we started to inspect it a large boulder came coming  down the hall way! So remember the two guys that were banging before well they thought that it would be cool to run down the hall way the way the boulder was coming and sing Indiana Jones! Then I started to chase the boulder while all the others stayed in the room were it was safe  though they did not know that because one of the guys who were running ( not me) was a dwarf with plate mail and got run over by the boulder and the other ran right into a wall and also got ran over as well so when Soap saw the remains of them and got mugged by hobgoblins (which worked for the priests of Zargon) at one hit point so he surrendered and made it back to the group alive (with literally nothing) and decided to kill himself but had no daggers to do it! And there you have it folks!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soap's Day Saturday!

Guess what! My best friend   Arden who originally hated very disliked   Soap  apparently last night just changed his mind and got the Brotherhood of Gorm to free Soap and say that it would a lot easier to let me just go with them so because I was the only almost level four (because I haven't died yet at all) and none of the others were yet! Though later a bunch of guys were making a racket(including Soap)  like this seven year old decided to bang his magical battle axe on the ground (not a very good idea) and a eleven year old started smashing things on the ground (not a very good idea either)  though Soap was just yelling at the top of his lungs slightly shouting monsters monsters come and get us! Sadly it did not turn out good for Soap and these baboons with rocks came in and DAUNT DAUNT DUN    TO BE CONTINUED...     also there's going to be a Soap's day Saturday every Saturday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About Me

Well know I think I'm going to tell you a little about my regular life ok  so I'm just going to start whith some light things alright. Like I got a sister and I live in PA for instince just things like that. So just read the following: D&D, Iron Maiden the Band, Led Zeplin, Lord of The Rings, all that geeky stuff so see ya! I'l make sure to tell you all more in the future it's just I got to get off know bye!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In The Other Game

Hey! Everybody guess what in the other game the grownup game I got elected to join it so since they need a halfling I get to make one his name is going to be Grumble the Smug! Becuase  my dad let me play in it once when a guy couldn't make it so I got to play as him for the night.Though sadly I got him carried away by a roc.So at that very moment I thought he was going to be so mad at me but he wasn't so for the rest of the night I had to play as a bdf. And when  we got to the dwarfen fortress it got realy awsome!When a dwarf from our group makes his dwarf name Br'rack O'Boulder Rama mostly because he was a nefhew of a chief. So my bdf decided to blurt out that Br'rack was like a legend back in human lands and that he would go inthe arena and battle these giant apes which was an easy fight so and so on...                                               THE END

Part 2

And so I think you must have read my other post called My First Post well I telling Part 2 of that story. So when I stabbed him in the back he put me in a jail cell so then later he used a helm of telepathy and asked will you attack the Brotherhood of Gorm again and I said yes though just because he had a helm of telepathy so thats how Soap got himself shiped to an insane asylylum                                                                                                                              THE END                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Monday, February 7, 2011

My First Post

Hey everybody! My name is Nogal, in D&D I play as a wizard named Soap - a very evil wizard indeed, yes, but at the moment he's going to an insane asylum because he betrayed the Brotherhood of Gorm (which is for fighters only) and stabbed their leader in the back which my friend had charmed that very guy so he got all upset about it but surprisingly he lived and well its a story for another time. TO BE CONTINUED...