Friday, December 14, 2012


I am going to tell you about my experience at GEN-CON last year. It was pretty epic there were all different kinds of geeks there like all kinds of geeks like every kind of geek there is. There were people who dressed up in costumes and just walked around and let people take pictures of them. There were Link costumes, there was a predator, drow, superheros, D&D adventurers,  like everything.

I really loved it because the Wizards of the Coast were doing a drow event thing in D&D but so the
Wizards of the Coast's booth was totally drow/D&D themed.  Here let me show you:
This is a picture of Lolth the god of the drow

This is a picture of Drizzt Do' Urden
and his magical cat
This is a picture of some people dressed up like drow

I really liked GEN-CON last year there is another thing I want to tell you about there was this game called battle tech. There are these giant boxes with sliding doors and inside there is a few screens a bunch of buttons a joy stick with some buttons on it and a throttle. So the game is were you can pick a mech a giant robot and you go and get in one of those boxes and control you're mech. And there's other people playing in other boxes and you're all fighting each others mechs.

 So they game randomly generates a battlefield and each and every person's mech spawns inside the battlefield  and starts fighting. So there are tons of controls to make you're mech do things that I do not know how to do. But like there is a screen over here witch shows you how injured your mech is there is a one were it shows you how many other mechs you have killed like it is just amazing.

Here I will show you some pictures of the game:

picture of the inside of the boxes with all the controls
there's a different variety of mechs this one
is big and tough but slow and not as many

this one is small fast and a lot of weapons but very weak when

So Gen-Con was amazing like AMAZING there were so many things to do some of our friends from our D&D group play tested fifth edition D&D there and spent most of there time doing drow related stuff at GEN-CON. Like if you did a bunch of different activities on a list they give out at the Wizards of the Coast booth they would give you these special dice that are drow decorated:

Meanwhile while they were doing that we as in me my dad and a few other people from the D&D group were playing tons of Hero-Clix. I mean I would have liked to do the drow thing but I can't complain the mech thing the Hero-Clix even just walking around looking at peoples costumes was tons of fun.

I also really liked the dealer room the place where you buy everything because there were so many things to buy. Like real sharp swords or ninja weapons then wooden versions of them and then foam versions of that. All kinds of funny T-shirts, miniatures and cards from a variety of games, books tons of books, Paintings, boardgames, video games, like everything geek.

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