Friday, March 30, 2012

The Black Temple part 3

Last time I posted the fight was still raging on.  There was still two trolls to take down, some more norkers to kill, an ogre still on its feet, and running up the stair was more norkers. Mr. Moore cast ice storm and made it slippery for the monsters. That gave us time to pull people back behind our fighters. Then our magic-users cast magic missile. Then the norkers came up the stairs dropping oil caskets on the floor around the stairs. And the next set of monsters coming up after the norkers were ogres and apparently the ogres were supposed to throw the caskets on our front line. But we fire balled the the caskets making a fire off to one side of the stairs. At that point our fighters made a line in front of the entrance while the clerics healed and everyone else behind the fighters were shooting missiles. Then we felt the ground shaking and heard giant footsteps as something big was down below. Two hill giants came up the stairs our fighters kept on fighting. Then after a few rounds later we figured out what was making the ground shake for it was coming up the stairs and it was a MOUNTAIN GIANT and its one main objective was to crush the paladin! The fight went on Mr. Moore shot a fire ball at the mountain giant but it didn't really notice it it just went straight for the paladin and it charged him for like thirty hit points of damage while Shy was put at 0 hp by a hill giant. It wasn't looking good for our hero's cause the paladin's protection from evil gave them minus two on armor class to everybody next to him but if the paladin went under 0 hp it would go away. But then Konstantine got the scroll polymorph others from his backpack and used it to turn the mountain giant into a snail. Four more ogres came up the stairs we finished them off and by then we had cleared out like the first three rooms.

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