Monday, March 5, 2012

The Black Temple part 2.

So we last ended with us in the middle of battle with a bunch of norkers and gnoles. So the magic-users got out of the net and were getting some magic missiles while Mr. Moore ran 24 spaces away to all the other magic related guys. The battle was raging then the reinforcements came and running up the stairs was AT LEAST four trolls and we got a glimpse of a WAR TROLL behind all the others! So we managed to magic missile a bunch of gnoles and norkers that were attacking Digit and then him and Grumble ran back to safety. Then the trolls came gushing into the room but 3 out of 6 were killed and the war troll was seriously injured by two fireballs! The clerics cast hold person on some norkers and the fighters did a fighting with draw to make a line then the war troll was killed by a fireball while the other trolls were on the verge of death. Then more norkers came running up the stairs! The fight was raging on and one of the trolls were down now we need to flame him so he stops regenerating while the other was only a few more hits before death! Then one of the clerics cast blade barrier around one set of stairs and right at that moment there was what sounded like a hill giant ran right into it and just got all cut up! Score! Then an ogre followed by more norkers came running up the stairs!

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