Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Black Temple.

We last ended with us deciding we would go to this Black Temple. So we set out right after breakfast and followed the trail that they said would lead us to the Black Temple, and on the trees they had all the bark chewed off, and big tracks on the ground. We first thought trolls or ogres so we kept a good lookout. The rangers eventually spotted the Black Temple up on a big hill so we made camp a little ways away from that hill and around a rock so the we were not in sight of the Temple. But in the middle of the night we smelled a horrible smell. And then charging around the rock are two giant trolls, the people asleep were getting woke up and the people awake had to roll initiative! The trolls were not taking much damage (trolls regenerate health) were as Shy was getting 6 hits a round. Then the magic came the sleeping people were finally up but it was to late Shy had passed away! We finally killed the trolls and reanimated Shy but wow that was just a wandering monster I wonder how bad the temple is. We got some rest so the fighters could regain health and the magi-users could regain their spells. So next morning we decided to leave Meat-Shield 1, The Hawk and the horses at camp while the rest of us went into the Temple. When we approached it there was this ramp that lead up to it we climbed halfway and gave Digit the invisibility ring and sent him up to scout the entrance. The Temple was three levels the bottom level was the biggest and the second was a little bit smaller and the top was the smallest. When Digit got to the entrance he noticed that the entrance was a big hall with no door just a hall and the way to get up to the  hall is going up a ramp that goes over the first two levels (the entrance was into the top level). When Digit got into the temple he searched the ground and looked around he saw some gnoles further back in the temple and around him was all these norkers and in the far back there were these stairs and some norker leaders. Digit came back to us and we put together a plan. We cast silence on a rock and send Mr. Moore up holding it so the monsters couldn't hear him walking. Then Digit came up with all the fighters and Mr. Moore threw the rock back to Digit so the monsters couldn't hear the fighters. Then Mr. Moore shot a sleep into the room putting a bunch to sleep and the siege began! All of a sudden there was all these swords and clashing all over the room our thiefs ran up to all the sleeping guys and started cutting them up while our fighters went to either side were a lot of the awake guys are and our magic-users stayed back and got their spells ready when a net right over the hall came down on the magic-users NNNNOOOOOOOO!!! We are doomed! Digit checked the ground not the walls or ceiling! Then our thieves started taking a beating from the monsters because they were up front were the sleeping guys are so they were in trouble and our magic-users were trying to crawl out of net while being beaten by a bunch of norkers and our fighters couldn't stand a chance against them on by themselves! And on top of all that some norkers went down the stairs to get reinforcements! But then Mr. Moore's brownie said were you want to go boss Mr. Moore told him in a corner of the room and then he teleported to that corner and Mr. Moore got a lightning bolt ready. The fight went on the fighters taking in more and more damage the thieves almost dead and the magic -users struggling to get out of the net! Then Mr. Moore's lightning bolt went off and took out at least 4 or 5 norkers then at that moment the norker leader saw it got some troops and went straight towards Mr. Moore but he got a fireball and took out the leader and his troops! Then the magic-users got out and got some sleeps ready. The fighters took out some more norkers and gnoles but the reinforcements were about to come!

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