Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In The Other Game

Hey! Everybody guess what in the other game the grownup game I got elected to join it so since they need a halfling I get to make one his name is going to be Grumble the Smug! Becuase  my dad let me play in it once when a guy couldn't make it so I got to play as him for the night.Though sadly I got him carried away by a roc.So at that very moment I thought he was going to be so mad at me but he wasn't so for the rest of the night I had to play as a bdf. And when  we got to the dwarfen fortress it got realy awsome!When a dwarf from our group makes his dwarf name Br'rack O'Boulder Rama mostly because he was a nefhew of a chief. So my bdf decided to blurt out that Br'rack was like a legend back in human lands and that he would go inthe arena and battle these giant apes which was an easy fight so and so on...                                               THE END

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