Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soap's Day Saturday! Part 2!

Again my mom said I have to get off. So after the cute little baboons came in  ferocious primates (with  rocks) came bursting in well they hated the people that made the noise so one of them hurled a rock at me and did nine hit points though sadly Soap only had eight so he was at negative one so a guy did healing on him and only gave him one hit point so at least he was alive. Though the others had ducked and started laughing at him but we killed them and started to keep on hunting the priests of Zargon (which worshipped a demon named Zargon) so we did so. And eventually stumbled upon a room that had an altar in it and right as we started to inspect it a large boulder came coming  down the hall way! So remember the two guys that were banging before well they thought that it would be cool to run down the hall way the way the boulder was coming and sing Indiana Jones! Then I started to chase the boulder while all the others stayed in the room were it was safe  though they did not know that because one of the guys who were running ( not me) was a dwarf with plate mail and got run over by the boulder and the other ran right into a wall and also got ran over as well so when Soap saw the remains of them and got mugged by hobgoblins (which worked for the priests of Zargon) at one hit point so he surrendered and made it back to the group alive (with literally nothing) and decided to kill himself but had no daggers to do it! And there you have it folks!

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