Friday, February 18, 2011

The Grown up game (which I got to be in!)

So you might have heard that I was going to make a character in the grown up game so his name is Grumble the Smug it was the best name I could think of and he is a halfling. So we found a map to a tomb though we found out that the boulder in front of us was the doorway to the tomb cause the guys who got this quest (from a witch) and only them could see the door so we stepped into it and we found another doorway and this time we all could see it but there was a bunch of purple mist seeping through the crack of the door and there was a symbol on it and we discovered that it was the symbol of a dwarfen demon so they made me check the purple mist because I was a halfling and it was not poisoned. So we all stepped inside and we found all these dead dwarfs under the purple mist and they all had robes on and some of them even had their beards shaved which was really freaky and they all looked like they were run through with spears and swords.  Then we found humans under the purple mist who looked like they had choked on something and then we saw an altar and we knew that the symbol on the door was the evil demon of the dwarfs, but on the walls were pictures of all these humanoids that were feasting with dwarfs and other pictures were of the dwarfs forging these five great banes of power to make sure war would never come.  Though we were going to find a hammer for a witch to destroy the elves, we decided to bail on the witch and not do her quest so we went down the hall way out the other side and found this room that had all the dwarf shavings in it and we started to go further but my guy heard a door close so we went back to it and there were five dwarf zombies out of hundreds of zombie dwarfs so we thought oh crap we should have burnt those bodies so we defeated the five of them and stopped right there!                    


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