Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soap's Day Saturday!

Guess what! My best friend   Arden who originally hated very disliked   Soap  apparently last night just changed his mind and got the Brotherhood of Gorm to free Soap and say that it would a lot easier to let me just go with them so because I was the only almost level four (because I haven't died yet at all) and none of the others were yet! Though later a bunch of guys were making a racket(including Soap)  like this seven year old decided to bang his magical battle axe on the ground (not a very good idea) and a eleven year old started smashing things on the ground (not a very good idea either)  though Soap was just yelling at the top of his lungs slightly shouting monsters monsters come and get us! Sadly it did not turn out good for Soap and these baboons with rocks came in and DAUNT DAUNT DUN    TO BE CONTINUED...     also there's going to be a Soap's day Saturday every Saturday!

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