Monday, February 21, 2011

Zombies all over again

So after we defeated the five dwarf zombies we thought it would be a good idea to spike the door leading out to the outside world open, and spike the door that we are going to go through shut so that all the purple mist would go outside of the tomb and there would be a spiked door between our area and the room with all the "dead" bodies. We went down the hallway and found a library.  In the library we spent a lot of time there reading books and we actually got a bunch of  knowledge. Like we figured out that three out of five of the great banes of power were hidden here. So after that we went back to check on the door that was spiked shut and extremely bad news for us we heard hundreds of zombie fists banging on the door so we learned a lesson don't ever play a Raggy's adventure again cause not only are we trapped in a dungeon by zombies but we have already accidentally unleashed ten thousand zombies three thousand ghouls and an ancient vampire all in one adventure and we are only level 3. But of course my guy was thinking woo hoo! When I'm forty years old I shall think back on this day my first zombie apocalypsc at age nine years old i'm living the good life! So we went back down and found these rooms that had all these rune carvings on the walls.  The weird thing is that they all had layers and layers of them built on top of them and all of them talked about Marune a great dwarfen king but in the middle of the room there was a pedestal of water and in the water there was a lot of gems and coins.  But we thought it was a trap so we let it be for now and went to the next room where the lantern did not light up part of the room cause there was a large black gooey oozy shape shifter.  It looked more like a twelve foot high clump of black goo more then anything and it attacked by shooting ten of these little slivers of black goo and it chucked chunks of it at us that would just dissolve whatever it touches.  Magic items would hurt it one round then the next it would be regular weapons that worked so eventually we killed it and in the next room they found a deep well and sent me down it on a rope with a lantern.  At the bottom of the well I found a fire breathing slug in a cave and so I was set on fire and I cannot believe they did not have the spell levitate cause the rope almost caught on fire too but they pulled me up and I didn't die.  So we stopped about right there the only thing we did was read some more books etcetera etc etc    THE END!

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