Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Cigarrette Monster! Part 1

Time for another game report. So of course we defeated those zombies that were coming up out of the water. And then we explored the beach. So we found a cave that split off into three hallways one of the halls was narrow but the other two were large in width. And the sound of the crowd sounded like it was coming from the narrow hallway. So we went down there and right as we turned the corner the sound stopped! THEN THIS MONSTER STARTED  FLOATING  IT'S WAY AROUND THE CORNER! AND IT LOOKED LIKE IT WAS SOMETHING ALMOST LIKE A  BEHOLDER  ONLY IT WAS IN THE SHAPE OF A SIGAR! It was more like it was this mesh of flesh, bone, and just horrible, horrible stuff! And plus to make it even more uglier it had at least a good 20 eyes that are on tentacles with mouths and it had this one big eye and mouth just like a beholder. What it did for it's attack was worse: WHAT IT DID WAS EACH EYE YELLED A DIFFERENT THING BUT A COUPLE OF THEM TALKED ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE SENSETIVE THINGS ARE LIKE WHAT YOU'RE MOST AFRIAD OF! But somehow we defeated it! So we checked  out the room that the monster was in and the room looked like it had been worn out by sound of course! And so we then went back and looked down one of the hallways and there was all this yellow mold all over the hall (and it was dripping). So we left that alone and went to the last hallway. And in the middle of the hall it split into three!                TO BE CONTINUED!

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