Saturday, April 9, 2011


Time for the rest of the game report. So Mordecai was so embaressed that he cryed on the beach for hours on end and couldn't look any body in the eye didn't say anything to any body and just turned his back to every body. And of course we thought we should open the third and final submarine. And guess what was in it: NOTHING,NO ZOMBIES, NO SPORES, NO TREASURE, JUST PLAIN OLD NOTHING. So we thought, and thought, and thought. Until finally we thought about going to the library we found earlier in this adventure. And guess what book we found in the catalog, we found this book called the "operations manual". And it said all this stuff about how the dwarfs operate their underwater vessels! KA-CHING! So we went back down where the submarines were and went in the submarine that had nothing in it. Of course we strapped seat belts around our waists and put straps and padding's around our stuff. AND THEN WE WENT DOWN INTO THE WATER! BOY IT WAS BUMPY GOING DOWN BUT WE MADE IT! But right at that moment we heard a loud crash! And when we looked behind us we saw that the lanterns and oil flasks and lots of precious stuff broke! And then we started sinking which was weird because before it didn't happen but why was it doing it now? So Shy started pulling on the handle to wind the cable up to the tower and pull us up out of the depths. And once we made it to the surface we opened the hatch to get a peek around us, and we had gone down the whirlpool in a totally different cavern. All of a sudden I started to think about the sound track to Jaws: DU NUT DU NUT DU NUT DU NUT DO DO DODODO DU NUT DU NUT! So I threw a pecie of meat down into the water expecting a some kind of giant underwater beast to jump out and eat it but nothing happenned. So Starkweather jumped in the water and pulled the front of the sub and we floated our way over to the land. So we got off the submarine, then we started to hear the sound of crowds cheering down a hallway from the beach. And we noticed there were statues of dwarfs with gems in their heads and right at that moment a group of zombies came out of the water behind us!                DUANT DUANT  DUN!            THE END!

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