Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MAD MEN (not the show mad men)! Part 1

Time for the game report. So of course we went up the second tower and killed the zombie up there as well. Then went into the little cabin and pulled up what seemed to be another submarine by using the winch. Well guess what was waiting for us when we opened the hatch: SPORES SPORES SPORES! The people who jumped into the water and didn't get all mad was Forlorn, Shy, Fat Cobra, and Barzaii. All the other people who did breathe spores went crazy. Like Starkweather ran over to Shy and started to try tackle him and say "Get Shy's glowing sword ghost cutter and throw it into the whirlpool!" And Mordecai took his backpack with the scrolls of high level cleric spells off, and was getting ready to throw it into the whirlpool too. Mr. Moore said "Enough of this madness" and started to chant a web spell on everybody. Grumble and Zeke ran over to the submarine to put their heads over the hatch while saying "I need to get some more of that!" and then they were laughing like crazy people. So the people who didn't get all crazy had to roll for initiative. So Shy tackled Starkweather easy. And Barzaii ran over to Mordecai, but wasn't able to yank the backpack out of his grasp, and when Mordecai grabbed it away from Barzaii he said "Never try attacking your master you pipsqueak!". And Fat Cobra went and got Mr. Moore in a headlock. But of course Mr. Moore turned into a bunch of Mr. Moore's at some point by using Mirror Image and started laughing "YOU CAN'T GET ME! YOU CAN'T GET ME!"  Finally Starkweather said "Hey! I'm not all crazy Shy! Let me go!" While the clash of the clerics just kept on going as they played tug of war with the backpack of scrolls. And Fat Cobra defeated Mr. Moore. So he also came and helped Barzaii. But Mordecai just wouldn't let go, so Fat Cobra tossed the backpack over to Forlorn. That got Mordecai really mad so he said, "Ffine if I go down you're going with me!" AND THEN HE GRABBED FAT COBRA AND PULLED THEM BOTH INTO THE WHIRLPOOL! So Forlorn got his rope and turned it into a lasso and threw it out into the whirlpool. AND FAT COBRA GRABBED IT BUT MORDECAI DID NOT! SO FAT COBRA DIVED INTO THE WHIRLPOOL AND MANAGED TO HAUL MORDECAI OUT OF THE WHIRLPOOL! And what Mordecai said he saw was that there was a giant hole in on the sea floor and that was what was making the whirlpool!                  DAUNT DAUNT DUN!                     TO BE CONTINUED!

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