Saturday, April 2, 2011

The barrel / submarine, part 3

Time for another game report. So we decided to climb the crane tower because it just kept going up and up and we couldn't see in the dark. It must have been 80 feet tall, so Starkweather our thief went up with a torch to investigate. When he made it up the ladder, there was a cabin at the top, and there was a zombie in the little cabin waiting for him. So the zombie almost knocked him off the ladder, he dropped the torch, and came screaming down the latter like a chicken. So the group sent tough guy Shy (and cast light on his sword) and Fat Cobra up there to kill it.  We tied ourselves to the tower when we got close in case someone got knocked off the ladder. That zombie was tough because he hit Shy so badly he did knock him off and had to let Fat Cobra do the honors of finishing it. He managed to kill it, and found that in the room up there were all these levers and cranks. But there was a pulley up there and a cable so we got all the strong guys and tried to pull on it but it was buried somewhere down, down, in the water. So we went down to tell everybody down on the beach. And when we got there we figured out what we were pulling on because it had made it's way up onto the beach somehow. It looked like a dented metal tube twenty feet long with a cable on one side that was leading up to the tower. When we opened the hatch, apparently it had tons of zombies living in it, at least 5 of them. And then it hit me this is a submarine ride, and then there was a whirlpool out not far from the beach and that's why the barrel / submarine is all bent up because it went down there and got beaten up by rocks. So we killed the zombies and took a look inside there was 8 seats that lost their seat belts and one seat in the front to control the handle. So we explored some more and found that there were more towers and another barrel / submarine.  But it was late and we stopped.                DAUNT DAUNT DUN!     THE END!

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