Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Giants.

Okay, I was sick last game but I do know that we killed some hobgoblins and didn't find the Gnomish Vale. But did spot it thanks to Boris the druid's hawk he's training. Its only about eight hexes away, the only problem is finding the path to it. So we went on with our journey. There was an intersection up ahead. When we got to it we saw GIANT tracks on the path, so we figured there is some giant up ahead. We made camp on some hills away from the tracks. In the middle of the night we heard trees falling and giant foot steps, and then they just came to a halt and went way off in the other direction. Then later in the night we heard the same thing only there were multiple ones and this time they didn't run away. We heard them trying to tip toe it sounded like tip toe, tip toe, "hahahahaha", tip toe, tip toe, "hahahahaha". We noticed one of them was sneaking behind us and the other two in front. All the fighters ran up front and started beating up the two front giants while Grumble slipped on the invisibility ring and back stabbed one of the front giants. The front giants were down in no time but the back one took awhileto take down. Once he saw our fighters turning around with bloody swords, and his friends dead he ran. Mr. Moore shot a lightning bolt and took him to the ground then our fighters finished him off. The giants themselves didn't have very good loot but once we found their cave we got copper, gold, and silver. We then started on our journey again and our rangers spotted hill people up ahead...

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