Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here are some things to catch up on.

Okay, I am sorry I haven't been posting I have been playing Skyrim and our computer was broken for a while. But I am going to be blogging again and there is a lot of stuff to catch up on. So I will start with Ravenloft. We finished it and we cleared it out. Now it is ours, we also got some new recruits named Constantine, a wizard and Boris, a druid. We also have two rangers known as Meat Shield 1 and Meat Shield 2.  We heard that Calsidius and Sirus Maximus are working together to find a book called the DEMONOMICON and so was the witch. I was thinking man, Soap would have loved this(Soap loved chaos). Apparently an evil witch called Ingvilve (I think that's how its spelled) made the Demonomicon and now word has it that all these bad guys want it because it can summon DEMONS.  Now we have found out from Srahd's writings that it is in Ingvilve's caverns and Ingvilve's caverns are around a Gnomish Vale, so we set out into the mountains to find it. Oh, and there was one thing I forgot Soap and a few other guys died and now we have Digit and Leonidas I play Leonidas a greek paladin! Leonidas got a magical war horse on a quest, and he got a vision of an eagle flying to a magical sword that we think is around a gnomish village. I thought oh Holy Avenger!

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