Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Gnomish Vale

 Last time we ended with seeing the hill people up ahead and coming to a halt. We decided to send Grumble up ahead with the invisibility ring. So Grumble heard they were talking about us and went back to the group and told them that we should just talk to them (because we have made friends with hill people before as a madder of fact that is were we got our rangers). So that's what we did and we told them that we were going to the Gnomish Vale and they said that they were friends with the gnomes and that they would be happy to bring us there.  When we were greeted by lots of gnomes and taken to their king so we could ask him about trade with Borovia, and the Caverns of Soykanth  (were this Demonomicon book is). So when we talked about trade they agreed, and they told us that the sword I Leonidas was looking for was inside a rock and the rock was taken by giants to a black temple. But when talked about the caverns they said they were forbidden to tell us and they said that they would take care of these "miscreants" (he means the Witch, Sirus Maxamus, and Calsidius). While Consantine says ya like you took care of those giants who took the sword.  Then the king went storming off to bed. And the next day we decided to go take care of the giants that took the sword to make peace with the gnomes so they could tell us were the caverns are. So we told them that we are going to these giants and they said that they would be happy to tell us were the caverns are after we killed the giants...

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