Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to The Zombie Caverns of Death! Part 2

Time for the next grown up game report. So we decided to just leave the zombie dwarf buddha alone. Then we went to the altar in the mane room to give it one last check before we're out of there. And guess what! WE FOUND A SECRET DOOR! Inside there was a room, though in each corner there was a large fountain, and a door on the north wall. ON THE OTHER SIDE THERE WAS A GIANT CAVERN IT WAS SO BIG IT COULDN'T FIT ON THE GRAPH PAPER! SO WE DECIDED TO NOT USE UP THIRTY GRAPH PAPERS, AND NOT EVEN WRITE IT DOWN! It was giant so we started to explore. We heard the sound of running water, and saw that instead of stone on the ground it was sand and it went in all directions as far as we could see. So we first went to the east and we found a tower like a metal crane tower, a large tower (that was on the beach), and we found water not too far off. And then we remembered the carvings on the walls of the main temple that we saw earlier, that showed a dwarf on the moon, and dwarfs using cranes and bulldozers and things like that. Sorry I have to get off the computer now so there will be a part three!

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