Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dungeon Command

I really got into this game called Dungeon Command at GEN-CON last year and it is a mix of Magic the Gathering and D&D minis. At first during the convention my dad had 0 percent interest in it at all. Me on the other hand as soon as I saw it had drow I was like like I have to get it and soon it is the best game ever. So I got it and my dad said "ok let's try it out" and we played it and now we love it.

So far they have only come out with four sets I think we have the first three. And it is has a lot of strategy to it like Magic the Gathering but it is has mini figures. So there is Sting of Lolth, (Lolth is the god of the drow so that's the drow set) Heart of Cormyr, Tyranny of Goblins, and Curse of Undeath.

So me and my dad really like it so that's another one to play at GEN-CON next year. Here are some pictures of the different sets.

Sting of Lolth

Heart of Cormyr

Tyranny of Goblins

Curse of Undeath

It is a fun game if you like Magic the Gathering or D&D minis then you should like this.

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  1. Hey - I've seen that Dungeon Command stuff around, but like your father, I've been a bit leery of it. Thanks to you, I know that it can be a fun game. I may have to try it after all. :)

    - Ark