Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hero-Clix is like chess with super powers. It can get pretty complicated like there is about a Hero-Clic made for almost every superhero/super villain ever thought of, like all of them. The game also has a lot of different superpowers like giant lists of superpowers. And a bunch of clics have custom powers. And a lot of clics have been made several times like superman has been made tons of times.

We as in me my dad and some other gamers from the D&D group played tons of Hero-Clix at GEN-CON last year. And Hero-Clix have been going through like their golden age lately so that is another game I recommend like SKYRIM, Dungeon Command, Magic the Gathering, and now Hero-Clix.

It is also my first fun geek game I ever played besides D&D of course. Another thing about Hero-Clix is that each different clic has points so you can play like a 3 hundred point game or a 4hundred point game so on, so on. If you want some quick teams you can get a fast forces pack or a starter pack. Each have clics with easy to work with points like 75, 125, 150, 50 so on, so on. Regular packs come with random figures that can sometimes be really tricky to make teams out of. Fast forces/starter packs makes it easy to make quick teams. Also starter packs come with rule books figures and maps fast forces come with figures and maps but no rule books.

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