Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Legend of Drizzt

Hey I am going to tell you about a really good book series called The Legend of Drizzt. It takes place in the forgotten realms in a place called Faerun I think that's how you spell it. But the main character is a drow ranger and he's not evil like the rest of his family but neither is his dad. And he grows up in the evil drow city of Menzoberranzan and his dad is also the best weapon master in all of Menzoberranzan. So he gets extremely good at fighting with these dual scimitars and then since he's been practicing with his dad and his dad is good. When he does go out and explore Menzoberranzan he's shocked what he sees and then he. Suggests to leave the city and go somewhere else with his dad but his dad disagreed and said "They will just follow us anywhere we go".
But Drizzt's evil mother figures out and kills Drizzt's dad then Drizzt flees the city and tries to escape. But mean while Drizzt's mother makes Zaknafien Drizzt's dad into a spirit wraith to hunt Drizzt down.

This is a really good series it's author is done by R.A. Salvatore. Now here are some pictures of the Drizzt books:

From top to bottom in chronological order but Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, and The Halfling's gem came out first.

Well that's it for you, but there are other books about Drizzt just not in the same series as this one like after Drizzt's friends die he's still alive because he's a drow and he lives for about 8 centuries. It really is a good series so far I am still on Legacy though.

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