Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Magic the Gathering

I have discovered the awesomeness that is Magic the Gathering. It is totally amazing the strategy, the combos, I love it I will show you one of the combos in my favorite deck. Like there is a card called Ajani's Pridemate and a card called Soul Warden. The Soul Warden's power is that whenever another creature enters the battle field you gain one life. The Ajani's Pridemate's power is that whenever you gain life you may put a 1/1 counter on Ajani's Pridemate so sometimes you end up with a 20/20 creature. Another good card is called Celestial Mantle (it's an enchantment) and you play it on a creature whenever that creature deals damage to a player you double your life total. Put that on the Ajani's Pridemate and I end some games with like 120 life. And almost all the other cards have to do with gaining life. If you really want to see it checkout the campaign in one of the digital magic games and just look at the Celestial Light deck.

These are all picture's of Ajani Goldmane his planeswalker cards usually have to do with gaining life. A lot of the other cards named after him such as: Ajani's Sunstriker, Ajani's Pridemate, Ajani's Mantra, all gain life first one has lifelink (lifelink is were whenever a creature attacks you gain life equal to it's power), second one whenever you gain life put a 1/1 counter on it, third one at the beginning of your upkeep gain one life. I really like the whole life gaining strategy. Agro decks I also like, and green decks are pretty cool they are almost nothing but creatures. So that's it but I hope to start playing magic at GEN-CON next year. Oh, ya I forgot to tell you I went to GEN-CON last year one of the the biggest geek conventions ever!

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