Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM

I absolutely love this game called SKYRIM it is a giant free roaming, sandbox, RPG, viking like, fantasy, game. It's setup in a huge world with a civil war raging and dragons have just now returned to SKYRIM.  Here are some pictures of SKYRIM:

This is a video of SKYRIM.

It really truly is an amazing game the fifth picture down is a little bit of the map inside the game. The fourth picture down is a picture of you fighting a dragon. The bottom one is of the city Markarth.

The story is where there is a civil war going on and there is a rebellion and and an empire the empire are the Imperials the rebellion is the stormcloaks. And you are caught in an Imperial trap trying to cross the border of SKYRIM and they caught some Stormcloaks but they also caught you. You're headed to the block and is about to be executed when a dragon attacks Helgen.  (Helgen's the place you were brought to die) Then you can escape with either one of the Imperials or one of the Stormcloaks and you get some weapons along the way out.

 After that you are free to go anywhere like you don't have to do any thing to get to the next level because there are no levels you can just do whatever you want. Later on you figure out you are a Dragonborn and apparently the only one in a few centuries to. Once that happens you are destined to put an end to the dragons in SKYRIM. The graphics are amazing there's a whole variety of races and classes to become. So if you are planning on getting SKYRIM get it I think you can get it for PC, Xbox360, or Play Station 3. Oh and it is a lot like D&D in some parts.

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