Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Critting Halfling Part 1

Time for the grown up game report. Even though we were stuck in the tomb we did have some chioces. So we started out with opening the sarcophagus expecting a fight. Inside there was no fight but there was the one and only Marune  and he had a crown, magic armor, a magic ring, and a giant magic maul but he was really strong cause he had a two handed maul and a magic shield. And we armed ourselves and tried to sleep to get spells back and then carried on. We burst the doors open and started attacking the statues that were trying to keep us locked in. Though there was one giant problem all the magic things we got were not magic they were all cursed very badly. Like the ring made Zeke (one of our fighters) go from 15 strength to 3 strength so he's just a bow and arrow guy for the rest of his life. And the henchman Shy of Lubb (we named him that because he's such a "shlubb") the shield was minus two to his armor class and some other curses wich totally sucked like minus five plate mail for Cobra the dwarf. The only thing that was not cursed was the giant maul, and the crown. So since the fighters were horrible they gave their +2 mace to my halfling Grumble. And guess what my halfling did he kept on rolling 18's 19's and 20's while the fighters were rolling 3's and other low numbers. So they started to call me Grumble the Barbarian! How freakin awesome is that, the fighters were missing like crazy, while my halfling practically took on a 7 foot statue on his own! GRRRR.       THE END!

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