Sunday, March 13, 2011

In the tomb part 2

Time for the grown up game report. So after we made it across the void we looked all around but the only thing we found was a passage way leading down into a room. The room had these two 7 foot tall dwarfen statues and then there was a door with a bar on it. So we simply just lifted the bar up and walked through the door. This room had 12 sarcophagi and another one in the center that had a small lock though easy enough for a baby to open. Right behind it was another statue. Though the first thing we did was this - there were these two boxes, one said forbidden on it, the other well I forget, so we opened them, and in the first one was wizard scrolls and tons of them - we got 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 level spells I mean like lightning bolt, magic jar, and tons others. In the other box was cleric spells but they only went up to level 6. Then the next thing we did was we opened the sarcophagi.  In them were zombie dwarfs with golden plate male but they also had two golden  axes in each hand so they weren't zombies they were more agile,  of course - we found that out later DUNT DUNT DAUN... What we did was we looted them and threw the bodies down the trench emptying out all but the one in the middle which in fact we didn't even open that one at all. Though when we were done with the looting our attention was set on the sarcophagus in the center of the room. We thought that if we opened it the statue would come to life and hammer the guy opening the lock so we webbed the statue's arms and started to get to the lock. And sure enough not only did the statue come to life but all the zombies magically appeared back where they started -well at least we got rid of the armor and axes cause even with there fists they were doing 8 hit points of damage. I mean Raggy (the creator of this module) is really mean to players. The first thing the CLERIC did was he tried to do dispel evil (from a scroll) on the undead since we learned (the hard way) that turn undead did not work on them and that also didn't work either but it did on the statue. And the MU just paralyzed all the zombies with his wand. And thats where we are going to stop.                 THE END!

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