Thursday, March 24, 2011

The zombie burning funeral part 2

Time for the grown up game report part 2. So after Grumble my awesome halfling destroyed the statues, all the adult players started hitting the floor and crying complaining.  Grumble started laughing, he was saying something like this: "HAHAHAHA! LOOK AT FAT COBRA (one of our dwarfs), HE HAS -5 ARMOR CLASS! AND LOOK AT ZEKE (one of our fighters), HE'S EVEN WORSE HE NOW HAS 3 STRENGTH! So even though we had a bunch of cursed uesless guys we had one awesome halfling - behold The one and only Grumble The Smug! We carried on and went back through all the places to check the door that the zombies were previously banging on. Though there was a bit of trouble getting up the well, where the flaming slug was - because of all that golden zombie plate mail.  So we simply cast a floating disk. Here was the problem the MU had to climb the rope so the disc followed him, and the fighters on the floating disk  had to keep on catching him. Then we went to check on the zombie door to see if they were still banging. Guess what, there was a total of 0 zombies on the other side! We went in and started making piles, and piles of the bodies, then dumped tons of oil on them, and simply burned them all. OF COURSE IF SOAP (MY EVIL GUY FROM THE OTHER GAME) WAS THERE HE WOULD TREAT IT LIKE A HUMAN SACRIFICE!                  THE END!

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