Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The zombie dwarf / zombie Buddha, Part 1

Time for another grown up game report. So because of all the smoke from the burning zombies, we heard some banging down near the entrance to the dungeon. We were camping up the canyon. So of course my guy Grumble went down there to investigate. And guess what there was a stone giant! It was looking for the entrance (to the dungeon) but he just couldn't find it, and then he started to get mad and throw boulders at it (because he couldn't find the entrance).  It was still hidden by magic but we could see it. So my guy went back and told everybody, we decided to leave him alone and stay hidden. The next morning we went back in (the entrance). Inside it was smelly but we could stand it, we went to the last door, the door all the purple mist was coming from. Inside it was creepy because there was a magic circle, and inside a naked beardless zombie dwarf buddha! Though in the middle (of a fire pit) there were some coals, that were glowing purple and all the purple mist was coming out of the coals. The creepy thing was that once every few minutes the zombie dwarf buddha would breathe!      DAUNT DAUNT DUN! TO BE CONTINUED!   the END!

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