Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Across the void part 1

Well, time for the grown up game report. So after they hauled me up the the rope and found me burning we thought of an idea to defeat the giant fire breathing slug. We cast light on a penny and dropped it down the well and it worked we managed to light up the room so we went down and hacked it to death. Then that revealed a very long passage way over hundreds of feet so on the graph paper we made a squiggle on the passage way and  pretended that was the four hundred feet we had to walk. Then all of a sudden we walked out into a large cavern who knows how long or wide it was cause we were now running on the little penny lgiht we used to blind the giant slug.  All we know is that this place went off in at least one thousand feet in all directions so after that we went futher and noticed that there were bats and moss and giant insects on the walls that were leaping or flying around the large cavern.  Then we also noticed that there was an extremely large trench that had a bridge, though me in the real world could see behind the DM screen, I did not mean to do this - or did I - well I saw a picture of all these people on the bridge and they were looking up at a large winged creature with black scales. So the other players started to call me the hobbit seeing things he was't supposed to. Ok now back to the game so we went down the bridge and found I was right, a large serpent with wings with all the other details I told you about attacked us and sadly it won initiative so it let out a burst of sonic sound and most of us started to drop to our knees in dizziness on a thin but long bridge but eventually we killed it and made it to the other side. TO BE CONTINUED! DUNT DUNT DAUN!

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