Saturday, March 26, 2011

The awesomest day in Soap's history

One day Soap was the leader of an orc tribe. This took place in the kid's game a while ago. So we were walking down the hall in Stonehell Dungeon when we stumbled into an orc group. Of course Soap (loving the art of orcs) charmed their leader and told him that Soap was his cousin good friend and these are my companions. So they brought us through corridor after corrider, until we came to a room that had a portcillis on one side and walls on the others. On the other side there were a bunch of kobolds getting picked on by a giant shrew, so Soap said "why not open the portcillis so we could smash both the shrew and kobolds?" Since orcs are such poo brains they said "you're a genius Soap!"  Plus Soap speaks orc. Two hours later, we ran into a room with some stirges ("Man these things come up in every game. It's like they're following us.) In the stirge room, Soap just cast sleep on them. And then out of the clear blue the orcs started to say some thing like this: "ARE YOU GOD OR SOME THING WHAT WAS THAT! ALL HAIL SOAP, ALL HAIL SOAP!"  And the orcs totally love him.       So thats Soap's favorite moment in his history. SO FAR...

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